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I kind of wish that Rune Factory 4 with getting the new divine dragon or something? Venti said that a new one would be born, and I kinda wanted to see that happen.

That’s what I’ve been saying!

I kind of addressed that opinion here. But I totally agree with this sentiment. uwu

To the RF Fandom:


Hey, Rune Factory fandom. I know we’re small, but I think we definitely have the advantage of quality over quantity ;)

Keep being so awesome and sweet, y’all. I’ll endeavor to do the same. <3

This fandom really is wonderful. <3 ily all. ^^^^what

(and trust me, you are definitely equally fantastic~ :D )

Stay stellar, my friends. *tips bottle of (L)Strawberry Milk*


Actual Doug’s thoughts on Dylas.


Actual Doug’s thoughts on Dylas.

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I mean unless FM is actually a lesbian simulator. In which case I'd be 1000% okay with it.

If FM turned out to be a “lesbian simulator” (assuming it wasn’t a fakey-porno-type-lesbian simulator), I would take back everything negative I’ve ever said about Forbidden Magna, binge-make a Diana cosplay, and personally promote the game by standing in front of a Gamestop on opening night with a megaphone and a giant-ass billboard that read “ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY MARVELOUS ENTERTAINMENT—BUY THIS F%$#ING GAME”.

I would buy the game without hesitation.

And I’m not even a lesbian.

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Okay so frontier is FANTASTIC but (just a warning) runeys can completely ruin the game and make it nearly impossible to play unless you know exactly what to do from the beginning. The characters are superb and the music is by far my favorite ost. I want cinnamon to be my magical lesbian girlfriend she is perfect. (She takes quite a while to open up though, which I appreciate because it's more realistic) also another character from frontier, Danny, is what I imagine an older Kiel would look like

The only negative thing I’ve really heard about RFF is the Runey system. |D

I really want to see an older Kiel now. ouoBut I could see that. Wish there was an option to play as a female/marry the guys. The game has enough eligible bachelors; it’s a real shame that Raguna can’t marry them. uwu

I like Cinnamon, based on her bio. As of right now, if I ever get the game, Cinnamon and Selphy soung interesting. But the bios are pretty vague, so it’s hard to say. :) Maybe I’ll watch a playthrough of the game sometime soon and get an idea of what each character is like.

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I've never heard of Forbidden Magna before I looked through a couple pages of your blog and ??? wow is it weird to have this sudden feeling of betrayal that the MC isn't gender selectable? I thought they finally grew up with RF4 but OTL


I won’t say much on FM since it hasn’t been released yet, but so far (at least to me) it seems like a slight step backwards from RF4 (considering things like limited gender, overall gameplay, slight sexualization of the anime intro in the trailer—not much (just boob shots) but still unnecessary). I suppose time will tell whether or not the game is any decent. :/

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I finally got Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny today, and I know I want to chose the girl mc when I can and marry all the bachelors before I marry any of the ladies, but WHO SHOULD I PICK FIRST THERE'S ONLY LIKE 5 OF THEM AND THEY'RE ALL SO NICE SO FAR well except for Joe so far, he's a bit of a butt but a hot butt.

Oh, don’t worry, Joe’s hot butt becomes a dorky hot butt soon enough.  :)

But that’s totally up to you, hehe. Bismark is pretty sweet when it comes down to it, but he’s shy and a bit short so some people don’t like that. James is nice (I was gonna marry him) but some people think he’d wind up loving his sister more than he would love you. |D So some people don’t like him as much. Joe is a bit of a butt, like you said. And then Aden is… well, he’s Aden. There are people who choose not to marry him simply because he’s kind of the “main” guy, and because some people think it’d be awkward hooking up with someone whose body you shared for over a year.

In the end it’s all a matter of preference. They’re all super sweet in the end though. Best of luck in your decision though! c:

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Okay, so I haven’t played Frontier yet, but I still wanted to make a text post meme with it, because I’m bored and why not?

But then I went to this one character’s profile and it’s just like



Is the entire concept behind his character BATHING and CATS? Is that his life’s passion? It sounds like something on a fake dating profile.

Nolan: A avid fan of both personal hygeine and kitties of all kinds.

is2g if I find a text post about cats and/or bathing I WILL make a graphic out of it.